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Steps From Idea to Product

So, you have an amazing next-level idea, and want to take it to the next level? Wondering the steps from Idea to Product? tWell, what you do with that idea to turn it from just a thought in your head to a tangible product comes next. You might wonder, how do I take my original unique idea, and turn it into a physical product. The steps below are a simple yet extremely effective guide to turn your idea into a product.

Steps From Idea to Product

Step 1: Write it Down

Take all your thoughts, ideas, and brainstorms and write it all down. Making sure you have physical documentation of all that relates to your idea and product is extremely important, especially when it comes to the patent. This acts as proof, that you are the one who came up with the ideas further preventing it from being stolen.

Step 2: Product Research Surrounding Your Idea

Having just an idea is not enough, and you must research your idea before you take the next step into transforming it into a product. There are many factors you must take into consideration when researching your idea. This includes competitors, demand of your product, your target audience, a patent search, etc.

Step 3: Build a Prototype

The design and your prototype can either make or break the future of your idea. As you begin to develop your prototype, keep in mind the unique features that will be the selling point to your consumers. Our team at Spark specializes in building prototypes to perfection, adhering to all the wants and needs of our clients and their idea. We complete rounds of prototyping, and after each round, improving or fixing anything that needs to be brushed upon. Upon finishing and finalizing this step, your prototype can be used to present to potential investors.

Step 4: Patent Time!

Now that you have everything down pat, the time has come to file a patent and legally make the idea yours. The best way to go about this is through a patent lawyer, which our team at Spark can connect you with one. It is extremely important to have a solid and strong patent, with no room for any loopholes to be taken advantage of by others. 

Step 5: Making Your Dream a Reality

Once your product has thoroughly been tested and any feedback that might have been needed to take into consideration was, it is time to think how you want to market your product’s way into the market. The ultimate goal of this is to build brand recognition and brand awareness, so that one day your product monopolizes its market share over its competitors. You need a strategic business plan on how to market your product and how you will get it out there. It is important to have patience, as this process can be timely, but your hard work will pay off in the end.

And voila! Five simple but extremely effective steps for turning your idea into a product. For more information about our services visit www.sparkinnovations.com