5 Steps To Generate eCommerce Sales From Instagram

There are 500 million active users daily using Instagram, which is how you can do social media marketing of your eCommerce sales easily. Research shows that 68% of people engage with different brands daily. Instagram is also one of the few platforms where there is not much traffic from marketers.

There are five main strategies for you to get excellent sales on Instagram.

Target Your Potential Audience

The best two ways to improve as a company is to know the audience and the offers you are giving them. To keep the audience feeding from your hand, you may have to use the paid ad method. To do so, your target audience should be accurate where you are sure to have attention from the consumers.

Paid advertisements are a good way to get exposure, but there is a paid ad method on Instagram that gains companies more exposure to showcase their products or services. On Instagram, people have the tendency to keep going scrolling until they see something eye-catching. You have to take advantage of that by inserting eye-catching paid advertisements throughout their regular feed.

To reach the desired audience, you have to pay Instagram for ads. To do that, your account must be set to a business account. You can even manage future ads by going to the Business Manager option. It also allows you to make your demographics engage the target audience. The budget of payment for ads should be pretty much adequate as it spreads your company’s name more quickly than it does organically.

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Batch, Automate, and Repeat

Consumers always want product authenticity, and social network users love to be a part of the brand’s conversion journey. However, creating content every day is tiresome and a waste of time. Also, it’s hard to respond to all the comments on Instagram and build a relationship with your customers.

So, here comes batching: it allows you to do all the work on your time and improves the productivity of your business. It will make your Instagram marketing more effective. Fortunately, you can find employees and social media tools to help your Instagram marketing active.

Create Creative Content

It is important to maintain engaging and high-quality content. Use quality and appealing images of your product to attract customers to your product. A strong caption will allow your post to be more visually attractive to consumers. If you want a social media manager to maintain your account, you can check out Fiverr or Upwork to hire a freelancer.

Use Hashtag Research

Hashtags on social media is a powerful way to generate more followers in your account. To save time, try to research relevant hashtags for your business niche and create a list of them. Whenever you post about shots, quotes, products, and other things that your business offers, you can use those relevant hashtags. There will also be trending hashtags, and you should update them periodically.

Schedule Content

Don’t waste your precious time on Instagram every couple of hours. You can use a tool like Latergramme to make your work easy. It helps you to schedule your content and updates to boost your target audience and followers. This social media network tool will help you keep maximum traffic flowing to your content. Always remember to keep your Instagram app updated.

Engage With Followers

Posting content is not enough; you need to engage with followers to make your content worth it. Respond as quickly as possible to your followers on Instagram.

However, don’t waste your time waiting for notifications every few minutes. Instead, use an automated system to respond to content and comments in a daily time limit.

Boost Sales With Contests and User Generated Content

It’s important to make your followers feel more interested in your content and product. Creating an artistic field and inspiring content can make your followers feel special, and it will boost your sales more effectively.

Behind The Scene Stories and Photos

As a follower, backstories of products and progress of them is quite heartwarming to watch. It will grow your followers and engage with more audiences in time. It also makes them feel close to your brand stories and emotions. If you share the live event of your sales, stories, and photos, it can have more than 80% engagement.

Post Content Created by Your Users

User-generated content is the most effective way to promote your brand’s image. Showing off your product pictures of your customers engaging with your product can give a nod to other customers how your product looks after wearing or using it. Also, 65% of consumers love to be appreciated when brands love their posts. Encourage users to post your product so that other people will be inspired to get it for themselves. This type of referral marketing is more effective and helpful to generate more followers.

Run Contests and Giveaways

Approximately 50% of Instagram users follow brands because of the giveaways they have. If you do things the way customers want, you can possibly increase your conversion rate. To announce giveaways, use clear texts, explain your discount perfectly, and add visually appealing graphics and photos of the product.

Make It Easy for Customers

After sharing good content and photos, you should be getting more followers in your account. Higher engagement makes your brand more visible among users. But is it affecting your business properly?

I would recommend creating a landing page of your product and optimizing it for mobile users because most Instagram users are mobile users. Then, add your landing page link to your Instagram bio. If you want to introduce any of your products, link it to your Instagram.

There are many ways to make your product look more appealing to customers. There are other companies that are making their product photos look classy to make them a huge demand among customers. Presenting your product culture, usage, and benefits can increase marketing in a positive way. And with the link of your landing page, you can gain customer trust in your product more effectively.

Recruit Influencers to Boost Your Product

Influencer marketing is the best way to promote your products on Instagram. You need to find different niche influencers globally, such as food lovers and fashion influencers to name a few. When people are getting recommended by others, they rely on your brand products faster than they would otherwise. Influencers make your product more appealing and your brand’s image more powerful.

Get Influencers to Share Promo Codes

When you’re done finding the correct influencers for the brand’s promotion, they can share the promo codes for products from your company via their vlogs or posts. It engages more people and drastically increases your audience.


Working with influencers is a perfect way to increase the conversion rates to your account. Also, creating ads to boost up followers and making creative content can generate more customers. You need to have knowledge about your audience and who is interested in which products of yours. You need to have patience and trust in your business, and eventually, you will be profitable.