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5 Tips for Naming Your Product

Naming a product is nowhere near as easy as it sounds. The name of your product should be well-considered as it can have a huge impact on the appeal of your product. Product names need to be simple, creative, descriptive and support your brand. Read all about choosing the right product name here.

Starting a new business or launching a new product line? Then you’re probably in the process of naming your products. It might seem like a simple task, but it is everything. It’s not easy to find a really good name, and it can have a huge impact on sales and the success of your business. Here you get five good tips for naming your product.

1. Think about your brand

The first thing that you always need to consider is your brand. When you’re to name your products, you should always start with your brand identity. Which vibe are you looking for? Which role do these products play in your brand? Find a name that fits into your overall branding strategy. If you start to consider your brand as a universe, it will quickly be clear which types of names support the build of your brand.

2. Get ideas for a name generator

A great place to start in your brainstorming process is to use an online name generator. A name generator can give you a long list of creative and suitable product name suggestions. You enter some keywords about your product and your brand, and the name generator provides you with suggestions. It can also just give you some inspiration to get started. It is often a very helpful tool to use a generator to find product names.

3. Consider longevity

It can be tempting to choose a trendy product name. But it is usually a good idea to consider longevity. Of course, it depends on which type of product you have. But often your products need to be able to continue to stay relevant. That’s hard if they have names that have a very current ring to them.

4. Go with simple and creative

Simple and creative is the best combination in most regards. Product names are no exception. If you can think about your product in a creative way and choose a name that is funny, different, and catchy, you’re well on your way. You want people to be able to remember your product name instantly. The way to get there is usually to go with simplicity.

5. Be descriptive

The last and final advice is important to remember. Your product name should be descriptive. It might seem obvious, but it can easily get lost in a creative brainstorming process. The best thing is if you can find a creative name that also clearly communicates what the function of your product is. If you find this balance, your product is on its way to success already. You can find many more tips on how to launch your product in 2022 here.