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Eco-Friendly Shower Cap

A Great Eco-Friendly Twist To A Consumer Product

Spark worked on this innovative and unique shower-cap which we are showcasing today. This story is a great example of perseverance and entrepreneurship that started from just an idea, to confronting the dragons and landing a deal! The Inventor, Zuly Matallana, was unhappy with existing shower caps and came to us with an idea that would revolutionize that industry. She complained about the lack of eco-friendly options, how they typically loose on the head and when they did fit, they would leave horrible marks/lines on ones forehead. So she embarked on a journey to create the best shower cap.

A Comfortable, Waterproof, Terry Lined, Eco-Friendly Reversible Shower Cap That Will Change Your Shower Experience

Inspired by the tiara, Zuly made everything glamourous about this new shower cap. From the lovely tiara shape that takes away the horrible marks on your forehead, the environmentally friendly materials and the perfectly tailored terry lined fabric. Everything is luxurious about the TIARA Shower Cap.

Eco-Friendly Shower Cap |Design Process

Many sketch models and prototypes were built, both locally and abroad. While working on her patent she was already working on the packaging and marketing material. Videos, commercials, promotions, trade shows, entrepreneur’s forums and groups. This inventor never stopped and isn’t going too anytime soon.

Eco-Friendly Shower Cap |Dragon's Den Pitch

She recently presented the TIARA Shower Cap to the Dragons on the CBC Show Dragons’ Den and she got a deal! Check out her pitch here.
To celebrate this success she invited everyone that had been involved in her journey to a viewing party.

At Spark, we are honored to have been a part of this project and wish her all the success! If you have a great idea just give us a call and we can help!