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A KickStarter Success: The NutriTower

We are very excited and proud to announce that Bryce Nagels and the team at NutriTower have launched and successfully funded their Kickstarter campaign!
After years of hard work, research, experimentation, and working with Spark’s product development team of industrial designers and mechanical engineers, Kickstarter was definitely the way to go for this team of entrepreneurs in search of the final stages of funding to launch their project. We are thrilled to see that 62 backers pledged $32,229 to help bring this project to life!

It is very gratifying for our team at Spark Innovations to see our clients accomplish the goals they had hoped for after deciding to develop their idea. We work so hard with them during each step of the development of their product, and we see first-hand the tremendous effort they put in to make their dreams come true! Initial sketches, mechanical engineering drawings, dozens of iterations, 3D-printed parts, full size prototypes, marketing material and a lot of hard work!

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Nutritower Designed and developed by Spark Innovations and now successfully funded on Kickstarters

Helping bring new ideas to life is what we do and we do it really well, but the product development cycle cannot be completed without money. It can be difficult for budding entrepreneurs to attain financing and crowdfunding can be especially helpful.
The NutriTower is a vertical hydroponic system specifically designed for indoor use. It’s beautiful and fun to use! With today’s environmental distresses, and current health concerns, the demand for organic and locally produced foods is higher than ever. And with our living environments becoming smaller and smaller every day, it doesn’t surprise us that the compact NutriTower was welcomed by the public.

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The Nutri-Tower: Indoor gardening made easy!

If you are concerned about your nutrition, the environment, and saving money the NutriTower is the product for you!
It’s very satisfying to see our client’s products get closer to consumers. The NutriTower is definitely on the cutting edge and we are very proud to have been a part of their product development and their success! Congratulations to Bryce and his NutriTower team!