Aurora inventor braves Dragons’ Den for second time

by: Teresa Latchford Aurora Banner

An Aurora inventor has a second date with the dragons.

Adam Pauze, in partnership with former Major League Baseball player Cliff Floyd and King City-based Spark Innovations, will pitch their new Ball Cap Liner on an episode of the Dragons’ Den, a popular TV show where inventors pitch their products with the hope of landing a deal with one of the show’s hosts, later this month.

This isn’t his first time the duo has braved the Dragons’ Den. They previously impressed during a pitch of Pauze’s Drywall Axe that landed him a $150,000 deal with Dragon Arlene Dickinson.

“My son-in-law (Floyd) has seen a lot of people hit with line drives during his career and he wanted to create something that would offer players, especially pitchers, more safety,” Pauze said.

The Ball Cap Liner features D30 material featured in a number of motorcycle, sport, footwear, electronics, military and work wear products. The molecules in the patented material, on impact, absorb the shock and cushion a blow to the forehead or temples.

While there is a product available for major league players, only one seems to wear the two-inch thick protector on the outside of his ball cap. However, the Ball Cap Liner is different because the one-eighth thick apparatus fits invisibly under the player’s cap.

“It’s not only great for professionals but for youth playing the game, as well,” Pauze added.

In the United States, the Babe Ruth and Cal Ripken baseball leagues are already using and selling the product to players. Pauze and Floyd are also currently in conversation with the Illinois government to mandate all high school players wear the safety equipment.

The Canadian launch of the product will coincide with the airing of the Dragon’s Den episode Jan. 20 at 8 p.m.