We are very excited to announce that Cup Logic has launched their campaign on Kickstarter

Cup Logic super absorbent materials.
Cup logic is a cup sleeve that catches spills for any type of drink

Cup Logic is a universal spill saving system designed for all vehicles to instantly absorb drips, dribbles, and spills from hot and cold to-go drinks. This system keeps your vehicle cleaner and never worry about spills again. It universally fits most cup holders with a seamless look because of the open bottom design. The specially manufactured fabric absorbs all liquids instantly. The well thought out two piece fabric design, soaks up the condensation from cold drinks before that annoying drip ends up on your clothes. And, the 80 mm cup opening keeps all of your to-go cups, cans, water-bottles securely in place. 

Cup Logic Product Design
Cup Logic Product development

At Spark, we worked on initial concepts and industrial design, engineering, prototype and testing. 

Check out their Kickstarter campaign, back this project and grab yours!

Cup Logic prototype development