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Dental Product Design

At Spark Innovations, we know dental product design. We worked on a long-term project designing toothbrushes and other oral care products with Brushpoint Innovations. Every day brought something new, as we designed everything from toothpicks to flossers, manual toothbrushes, denture brushes, power toothbrushes, and even dental procedural devices.

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Dental Product Design

A Great Dental Expert Product Design Team

Our industrial designers and mechanical engineers have so much experience with dental products that they have become experts in every step of the design process. From sketching concepts for kids’ toothbrushes or brushes with a more modern feel, they can create dental products from start to finish. Spark’s industrial and mechanical designers were put to the test over and over as every new dental product design went from hand sketches to full production.
Not only did the team work with concepts and industrial design, they also patented every toothbrush, delivering all patent drawings to fit the requirements.
Our team 3D printed the prototypes to make sure all the mechanical parts of the motors would fit perfectly. Beyond mechanical and testing purposes, we also used our 3D printer for marketing. We created functioning prototypes and renderings for marketing, presentations, and pitches to retail stores and wholesalers. Packaging was another area we managed. We created clamshell designs and developed graphics for each dental product design.

Dental Product Design Team

Dental Product Design for All Generations

Our team has expertise designing unique ergonomic non-slip handles. Ergonomics are essential when designing for children. The Brushpoint children’s toothbrush was designed to fit the small fingers of a two- to six-year-old child who was just learning how to brush. The small oval head fit easily into small mouths. It was made of soft material to protect the gums and be comfortable for children who have sensitive baby teeth and developing molars. The large front display area permitted the use of fun graphics to encourage children to brush.
On the other end of the spectrum, we also worked on a product for older adults. The PowerDent Pulse used a patented pulse technology to blast away plaque, debris, stains, and tartar from dentures. The brush used a patented dual head design that ensured all surfaces of the denture, even the hard to reach grooves that fit onto the gums, would be brushed powerfully every day.
As you can see, when it comes to power or manual toothbrushes, our industrial designers and mechanical engineers have expert knowledge of every step of dental product design.

Dental Product Design | Kids Power Brushes
Dental Product Design | Kids Manual Brushes