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How Can the Right Product Development Improve Your Idea?

As we are all living in a tragic state of pandemic currently, it is vital for entrepreneurs to focus on the product development position of their idea. We need products that will positively enhance our life, and it is especially important to take advantage of bad circumstances to maximize the needs of consumers. During unprecedented times like these, the public is always looking for gadgets to make their life easier, safer, and more efficient. Specifically, product development is what sets products apart from one another. Particular features and qualities of a product help develop strong value proposition, making the product the most appealing item on the market for consumers. Having the right product development will help your idea rise above, specifically focusing on distinct features of your product.

Product Development for The Hand-D

For example, a product that Spark Innovations worked on is The Hand-D. The Hand- D is the handiest gadget around, especially in this world of pandemic that we are living in! This product was extremely well thought out, with every particular aspect developed in a way to specifically advance and help people during these times.

The Hand-D gadget allows you to D-Fend yourself, and steer clear from touching contaminated surfaces. Now more than ever people are more aware of the presence of germs and viruses on surfaces that we interact with on a day-to-day basis. The creators of the Hand-D truly capitalized on this and took it into account in a time where minimizing the spread of a virus is crucial, the Hand- D is crucial to have!

The handiness of the Hand-D doesn’t stop just there. The engineering of the product was extremely detailed with a specific purpose in mind, as it is a retractable anti-microbial hook that kills germs and viruses. The product development of this was crucial, as this retractable feature either could have been the make or break of the Hand-D; the competitive advantage. The retractable hook extends in and out, so that the germs and viruses stay inside the case and do not contaminate you or other surfaces. The gadget has a little nub that works on touchscreens, elevator buttons, ATM buttons, and beyond. Furthermore, the material was also extremely well developed and is made from Copper Alloy, which has anti-microbial properties that work towards these killing viruses and germs within 4 hours. Make it more convenient on yourself and be handy with the help of the Hand-D! Get yours today!