How Do I Make a Product Prototype?

Product Prototyping

Have you ever wondered how to turn your idea into a product prototype? A product prototype is the action of creating a replica of your idea/vision which can be used as an early model of your product for various purposes and reasons. It is bringing your vision to life and can be used to get feedback, tweak anything that you might have not seen before, test the functionality and feasibility of your concept, etc.

While it is possible for you to go about this process on your own, it requires lots of time, materials, effort, resources, etc, and should not be overlooked. It is such a crucial part of the product development process, and ideally should be done in the hands of experts. This is where Spark Innovations’ service of prototyping comes in handy!

Spark’s Prototyping Service

Spark prototyping service allows for our experts to create a product prototype of your vision/idea with ease. It is not putting your words and thoughts into a feasible prototype, but Spark does this for you building a prototype that you can place into people’s hands.

Spark makes your product a reality, providing your investors, clients, and friends with a tangible, functional unit they can examine, operate, and discuss. Spark offers all different types of prototypes such as: fabric prototypes, metal prototypes, plastic prototypes, functioning prototypes, as well as 3D Printing. Our team specializes in building prototypes and has extensive experience in bringing visions to life. Making a product prototype is extremely beneficial for many reasons and with Spark Innovations, your vision is in good hands. Some reasons for reinforcing the importance of product prototyping is that it: reduces product development costs and risks, helps in obtaining investment as your idea is more greatly understood, it refined your product’s aesthetics, and the list goes on. See our website at for more information on our prototyping services and why product prototyping is a must.

Any prototype that you require and desire, we can produce it. From either a simple 3D-print to a functioning prototype, our expertise can be seen in our work and creating the prototypes of your dreams for you!