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Innovative Products Now Commercialized

Literally Bringing Ideas to Life: Innovative products now commercialized

The Spark team is excited to share some of the projects we have designed and developed with our clients that are being successfully commercialized.  Let’s check out a few of these amazing ideas that have made it through every step of the design and development process.

Q-Swiper Final Design in the market
How to use the Q-Swiper

Industrial Design and Engineering of the Q-Swiper 

Perfect for BBQ season, the Q-Swiper is the next generation of barbecue grill cleaning tool.  The client visualized a safer, easier and better way of removing grease and grime from the barbecue grill. The unique bristle-free design of the Q-Swiper does not leave sharp broken bristles on the grill and is a much safer option than the standard wire brush. https://proudgrill.com/purchase

This patent-pending product has a flexible pad that contours to match the top surfaces of the grill. The pad is wrapped with a tough disposable cleansing wipe. To help remove stubborn burnt-on food particles, the Q-Swiper handle has a stainless-steel scraper to finish the job. After grilling is done the disposable wipe removes easily, leaving your Q-Swiper clean and ready for your next BBQ creation. 

DryWall Axe for Maximum Brand

Initial concepts, Prototypes and engineering of the Drywall Axe

Adam Pauze had an idea for a tool that would allow a user to safely measure, cut, score or mark drywall and other sheet materials. The Drywall Axe features a retractable and replaceable blade and can accommodate a carpenter’s pencil. It is designed with a comfortable handle to keep fingers and arms away from the blade. The Spark Innovations team worked with Adam from initial concept to final product, which involved sketches, mock ups, renderings, mechanical engineering, prototypes, patent preparation and packaging. For more info on the Drywall Axe or to purchase your own check out this link:    http://www.thedrywallaxe.com/shop/

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