Invention! What exactly is an invention?

Are you an inventor?

You have a great Idea that you would like to take to market.  Is your idea an invention?

What about the ideas and concepts any person can have that solve a problem: are they inventions?

The answer to both questions is yes: if you have an idea that solves a problem for any activity or behaviour, or if you have devised a method for improving an existing device or product, you have an invention!  There are concrete steps you can take to turn your concept into an actual invention, but the idea you have in your mind is the genesis of your invention.

Society has a perception that inventions are designed by people who make their own prototypes and have a workshop full of gadgets, electronics, drafting tables, and tools.  Inventions can be created by an individual but it is usually a team that brings an idea to life.

Here at Spark Innovations (Toronto, Canada) we have been working with inventors since 1988; people like you who have the same dream of transforming their concepts and ideas into a real, tangible invention.

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Inventor’s idea for Q-Wave


"invention" "inventors" "New ideas" "Product Development" Industrial Design"

Inventor’s final idea or invention for Q-Wave Pulse

We often work with clients whose invention exists only in their mind. In other cases our clients have the invention a little more though-out and can share research, sketches, drawings, mock-ups, a prototype, or examples of other parts of products.

Spark works with all types of innovators:  individuals who have an idea for a new product; start-up companies looking for help developing a product for a new market; small to medium businesses with inventions that resolve particular issues in their own industry; larger corporations that are continuously bringing new ideas to market.  Whatever your needs are, we can help you throughout the entire product development process of your invention.

Sometimes inventions can be patented and in other cases they cannot.  We are patent experts.  Spark will answer your questions and help you understand different types of intellectual property so you can protect your product.

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Inventor’s idea for a hockey training aid

"Invention" "Inventor" "New ideas" "Design Development" "Industrial Design" "Ideas to market"

Invention for a hockey training aid- Final Product


Some inventions are very sophisticated and involve electronics and mechanical engineering.  Some inventions are simple but smart! (Often it is the simple ideas that lead to radical breakthroughs.) Our studio is staffed with engineers and industrial designers who have the expertise to guide projects of any level of complexity.

An invention can be an environmentally-friendly product, apparel with a purpose, a medical device, a kitchen tool, a game, a computer mouse, a pet leash, a drink can tab, a tattoo machine, a ball cap liner, a safety device, or a helmet.  The product can be for a sport, a dental application, general recreation, something for your kids, the home, the office, a specific industry, or even a niche product.

So, are you an inventor? If you have built a better mousetrap, as the saying goes, and have an idea that will improve a process, product, or activity, you are definitely an inventor. Now it is time to talk to Spark Innovations about moving your invention from your mind’s eye to reality!

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Invention – Concept for Cleaning device for kids

"invention" "inventors" "new ideas developed"

Invention for cleaning device for children