Need a Mechanical Engineer for Your Product Design?

The Role of Mechanical Engineers in Product Design

Mechanical engineers play a key role in our day-to-day life explicitly and implicitly whether we know it or not. All products that hold significance have been mechanically engineered in some way and brings many technologies and functions to societal activities. When it comes to product design, mechanical engineers truly make a difference. Mechanical engineers tailor products to meet human needs, with every product in modern life touched upon in some sort of way by a mechanical engineer.

Mechanical engineers are literally the problem solvers and apply principles of engineering to your product to solve today’s problems that consumers are having. Their work is analyzed with different techniques and principles that are used to make sure the function of the product is being served. Mechanical engineers touch the lives of all consumers ranging from small scale items to big commercial products.

The Importance of the Framework for Your Product 

A good product with a working function falls on the foundation of excellent mechanical engineering. Our product, The SplashBall Basketball unit tells the story of exactly that. Combining the best of two worlds, basketball and a water soaker, the product was heavily mechanically engineered in various aspects, which was the glue that held and allowed this product to come together. It is perfect to keep you cool on those hot summer days. The expertise of our mechanical engineering team shined with the function of the device. Each time a basket is made, the unit is triggered to spray out water. This just doesn’t happen, and our mechanical engineered thought out each aspect piece by piece to make sure that the function of the product was served with purpose.

Spark not only worked on the mechanical engineering of the product, but also worked on concept creation, industrial design concepts and graphic design, mechanical engineering with all plumbing components sourced, engineering drawings and prototyping, as well as patent work. Stay active and stay cool today with the Splashball! Order yours today!