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Looking for the best way to protect/patent your new idea or invention? We can help!
Here at Spark Innovations, located in Toronto Canada, we work with individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large corporations seeking to patent new ideas and develop their products.
As you may know, securing a patent is not just a single-step process. You need to conduct a patent search, create accurate and detailed drawings of your invention, and write a description of your invention that conforms to general standards for patent applications.
It may sound overwhelming. Truthfully, patenting and protecting your idea can be a stressful process but there is no need to worry: we are experts in product development and we know exactly what you need. We have a long history of helping clients through the patent process and, ultimately, bringing their products to market.
There are several patent options, depending on what your idea is. What patent should you apply for? A provisional patent? A design patent? A utility patent? Those are just a few options. Spark Innovations is happy to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to discuss your new idea and provide more advice and guidance as to the type of patent you need.

Patent Services

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Our expert patent agents will prepare your document and patent drawings and file your patent.

There are a lot of steps you should take when filing a patent. To learn a bit more take a look at this blog:
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