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Live Petal Clean Has A Cool New Way To Deal With Your Garbage

Everyday life can get pretty messy and stinky. A solution to our home garbage is finally here.

The company Petal Clean is on a mission to stop rot, stink, and the spread of germs. Established in 2020, Petal is a high-tech, majority women-owned consumer goods company with a revolutionary new appliance poised to forever supplant traditional waste disposal methods. 

Petal’s patent-pending freezing technology is the driving force behind our efforts to revolutionize the interim storage of dirty diapers, organic food waste, adult incontinence briefs/liners, feminine hygiene products, medical and pet waste. As a purpose-driven enterprise, Petal believes that everyone deserves to live in healthy, clean, and sustainable environments.

Petal is the world’s first zero-odor, germ-freezing waste bin and the only disposal device on the market that stops rot, eliminates stink, and halts the spread of germs.

photo by PetalClean.com

Danby Appliances partnered with Petal to bring to market this household garbage container that is also a freezer, which the company says will cut down on the spread of germs and smells in the kitchen. The idea is simple: a household garbage can that is placed within an enclosure that freezes the contents. It can be used in the kitchen, a baby’s room or anywhere else in the house where garbage smells and germs can be prevalent.

Petal could help reduce plastic waste because it eliminates the need to wrap smelly or germ-filled garbage in their own bags before being put in the trash. In fact you don’t need any bags. You can just take the whole bucket out and dump it into the receptacle for the garbage.

Petal is available for pre-order now. If you want $10 off yours click this link to get yours!