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Physical Product Design & Engineering

Product Design at Spark Innovations

Product design; one of Spark Innovations’ many expertises. Here at Spark, product design is more than just the name; it is taking a vision or idea and bringing it to life. It is about problem solving and connecting the product to produce an end result of a fantastic consumer experience. Our product design team at Spark ensures that your product carries out its intended function and delivers the intended result. The process when it comes to designing new ideas or further developing existing ones can vary from product to product.

Before a product becomes marketable, there are several steps we must take to check off every box before it enters the market. The first step is research; gathering all information about the idea itself and the problem it solves. Through the next step of an ergonomic analysis, we study how the intended users will interact with your product; making sure that it is an effortless and efficient process. Furthermore, the next step is to make sure the aesthetics of your product captures the eye of the market. We look to maximize your product’s appearance through sketching, 3D modeling, and prototyping. Throughout the entire process, the product design team is heavily involved in making sure your concepts are feasible in their function and manufacturing process.

When all this is done, if you decide to go ahead and patent your product; now is the right time to do it. At Spark, we are able to create both utility and design patents, aiding with all your patent needs. Now comes a crucial part, the prototyping and manufacturing process. We generate prototypes and sketch models of product components to allot for testability of interaction of the product with you, our team, and target market consumers. If all this succeeds and no changes need to be made, our team will make sure the packaging of your product is everything your vision set out to be and more.

All in all, you are in great hands with our product design team at Spark. Visualizing the wants and needs of our customers is our top priority, ensuring throughout all stages of the product design process meet and exceed expectations. We bring your ideas to life, tailoring each and every solution to the individual client.

Mechanical Design at Spark Innovations

 At Spark we can confidently say that a great deal of emphasis is placed on developing products that not only look fantastic, but carry out their intended function exceptionally well. Our speciality at Spark stems from the beginning process of figuring out the best way to effectively produce your product in a smarter, safer, and more ergonomic way. From the very start, we provide only the best solutions, while simultaneously making sure all concepts are feasible.

While we have many strengths when it comes to mechanical engineering design, our greatest strength comes down to developing for high-volume production. High volume production calls for a different level of thinking surrounding design, and with that being said we place additional detail to product-sequence far far in advance of setting up a production line. What sustains a product’s competitive advantage is the unique functionality of the product as well as aesthetics playing a key role. With the combination of our product design and mechanical engineering team, a successful and high quality product can be guaranteed.

Our team at Spark is the glue that holds each and every product together. Our mechanical design team is extremely product-design focused and works hands in hand with our industrial designers, product designers, etc, to ensure a collaborative process on all fronts to secure a seamless product. We encompass all the best Canadian software available, with a rapid in-house prototype system also at our disposal, as well as a PolyJet Objet 30, a high resolution 3D printer, just to name a few. These prototypes are the key to perfecting your product, as they help us evaluate the design internet, ergonomics, and aesthetics of the product.

At Spark, we’ve got nothing but years of experience, consistently delivering and exceeding our customer expectations. All in all, our mechanical engineers are here to help you design the details your customers will remember.