Product Design for Cannabis Products

More and more consumers are desiring cannabis related products. With the legalization of cannabis in Canada, smart alternatives for all types of cannabis products are becoming important for users. From packaging, functionality and aesthetics, cannabis products are designed by more professional design teams then before.

The industry is huge! The cannabis market is fast growing and entrepreneurs are on the lookout for companies that are coming up with new and fresh ideas for packaging, branding and retail.

Designers are turning these products into fun and meaningful experiences for consumers. This design by Nicokas Bentel inspired by the Memphis design style, developed the size and proportions through a series of design trials to ensure optimal comfort and ease of use for the smoker.

Product Design for Cannabis Products

Just like this example more and more designers are focusing on the experience. It’s apparent, that there is no longer a need to hide any aspect of cannabis products. The industry is now an open book ready to be explored.

The re-branding of cannabis has been another packaging ordeal. With the new packaging rules and regulations that limit the use if graphics and colours, designers are challenged. The new aesthetics for cannabis branding in a minimalist style is proven to be clean, appealing and eye catchy.

Product Design for Cannabis Products | Packaging

Image by Dosist. The rise of edible products are confronted with the challenges of keeping the messages clean yet tasty, in a literal way. 

Industrial designers are converting the old hand made style products into everyday stream lined sleek industrial accessories, for everyday use. Infusions, vapes, sleep pens, pipes, just to name a few.

Product Development of Cannabis Products

The ever so growing cannabis industry is pushing not only industrial designers but all design industries across. Graphic designers, fashion designers, product designers, artists and painters are all coming up with new and creative ways to innovate within their realm cannabis style.

Packaging designers are experimenting with patterns, textures and forms to create marvelous pieces as packaging.

And of course, fashion designers are taking the challenge to a whole new level with hemp, jute, linen, cork, and other sustainable fabrics, as well as custom-made cannabis-themed jewelry and accessories.

NEW Cannabis Product Ideas

Believe it or not, the most challenging processes that designers face is the social acceptance of cannabis. With the legalization of cannabis its movement toward becoming socially accepted comes with time. The more cannabis is socially consumed in safer ways the more it brings along the need for bettering the industry all together.  

Wherever the cannabis industry challenges takes the design industries we also explore and take on challenges that approach us. If you have an idea that you want to make a reality don’t hesitate to contact us.