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The Packaging is that first impression that every product needs when displayed. Your packaging may be defined not only by your product size, shape, weight or price but also by the retail space available.

There are many different packaging options based on cost, target audience and the level of prestige you want for your product. Packaging can be made of many different materials such as paper, cardboard, paperboard, corrugated plastic, plastic and even wood. Choosing the right materials and process for your product depends on lots of factors. Cost, strength, manufacturing process, where you will sell and the status.

Choosing the right packaging

If your invention will retail for just a few dollars you probably don’t want the packaging to be more expensive than your product. On the flip side, if your product is carefully crafted, will retail for more than just a few bucks and has a higher end target audience you may want to invest more than you think on packaging. The heavier your product the stronger your packaging will need to be. Manufacturing processes also influence the price of your packaging. Papers, cardboard and plastic packaging are typically stamped for simplistic forms, more complicated processes are used when a packaging solutions is generally more fancy and complicated, such as clamshells. To achieve something like a clamshell, you will need a mould which will increase your price dependent on quantity.


Packaging dielines and final packaging

Paper packaging

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Packaging Design that sells

We all desire to create a product that will sit within a million dollar looking package. The psychology behind a beautiful packaging sells. The textures, the colours, the shape and how we interact with the packaging forms an integral part of how we can people view your product.

The key is to integrate all the factors above while integrating the packaging to our product’s language.