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Product Design For Golf Products

Best golf Grip Training Aid

Do you have an idea for a golf product, a club with a better grip or a great training aid?

Well, if this is the case, you have come to the right place.

Spark Innovations is a product design firm that has extensive experience designing golf products. We have worked for over 10 years in the golf industry on several projects for various organizations including Brunton Innovations. Our team has had a hand in designing everything from training aids, grip correctors, chip grips and golf squares. Below are just a few of the products we have designed.

The Gripit Rite

If you are new at playing golf or have even been playing golf for years, you will know that a proper grip goes a long way in aiding your game. Grip like a pro from day one with this easy on and off training aid. It helps you develop skills and confidence that transfers to your game. Spark Innovations worked on the brainstorming and initial concept development. Once the final concept was chosen, we helped with the industrial design, creating 3D models assisted by our engineering team. We further developed functioning prototypes and tweaked the design after each test that we conducted. Spark worked all aspects of the project including its packaging and marketing art, designing a clamshell packaging for and the marketing assistance for the GripIt Rite’s launch.

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Golf square

The Golf square is used to produce different types of golf shots. Essentially, the alignment square is made of plastic, measures 1 inch square by 40 inches long, and includes four rods. The bottom one adjusts to accommodate a shorter stance for irons and a longer stance for drivers. The square is retractable as well so it can fit in a golfer’s bag.

The square quantifies a player’s alignment, which means a number is set to a golfer’s stance. Three measurements are visible on the rods to track how far away the player stands from the ball, the width of the player’s stance and where the ball is placed. The square is pointed at the target and the golfer is aligned. Spark worked on the concepts, mechanical engineering, and renderings for this golf square.

If you have a great idea for any golf devices or a training aid give us a call and we can help you from the beginning stages of your idea and help you bring it to life.