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October 1, 2014

Durham, Ontario Canada

Canadian Inventor Garth Holding has created a revolutionary product for healing and assisting people with Daily Severe and Mild Chronic Pain, Arthritis and injuries to joints and muscle tissue.

The product is called the Q-Wave Pulse TM and the device uses micro (ELF) Extremely Low Frequencies in sound waves that are set to a pulse rhythm that penetrate muscles, tissue, and scars and damaged areas of the body to help promote healing through increased blood flow and the repair of damaged cells and tissues.

The Q-Wave Pulse TM is a drug free approach to healing say’s inventor Garth Holding who once was addicted to high pain medications like morphine, Fentanyl, Oxycontin and opium based meds and knows first hand the pain, depression, anxiety and suicidal feelings associated with drug addiction.

“The Q-Wave Pulse TM uses micro sound frequencies set at four preset ranges to help promote healing in the human body. The Science of Frequencies used to help heal the body has been around for years and since Ancient Times and can be found in similar products like Ultrasound and deep medical therapy products, the problem was that most of these products are only available to the patient in medical settings like Hospitals, Therapy Clinics, and What was needed was to get the healing and pain relief to the individual in the freedom and flexibility of their own schedule and time. The Q-Wave Pulse TM can be used anywhere and at anytime, giving the person the flexibility to heal  at any time of the day. The micro size of the Q-Wave Pulse therapy is a one piece compact design that allows the individual to help heal themselves, no wires or pads are needed like in TENS machines, or gels and creams from Ultrasound guns, it’s just a circular disc about the size of a watch face and an on board patented computer and lithium batteries that supply the healing frequency to the injured area of the body.

Q-Wave-Pulse | Product Design

The Q-Wave Pulse TM is Small and Lightweight to be placed on any area of the body and with the assistance of a circular adhesive or Velcro application strap the Q-Wave Pulse TM can be held in place and offer a treatment anywhere at anytime, total flexibility and freedom for the user. The device runs for a 20-minute treatment cycle similar to all other healing or therapy equipment but the Q-Wave Pulse TM emits a pulse wave of Sound Frequency in Hertz that penetrates the injured area of the body and helps relieve stress, strain and pain on the body.

Garth found the need for a drug free approach to healing pain was so important in his own life and rehabilitation state after recovering from major trauma due to a car accident in 2004 and 23 surgeries in total from head to toe and ten years in a wheelchair and now Garth has the freedom to enjoy life again, drug free and pain free due to sound therapy.

The Q-Wave Pulse TM gives me the flexibility to heal myself and drug free environment which is huge, no more addiction to high priced medications that do more harm than  good. The Q-Wave Pulse TM uses proven scientific sound waves to heal and repair injuries, wounds, bruising, and nerve damage and control pain the Drug Free way.