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First impressions last. As customers, the first thing that grabs our attention is the storefront design. For retail businesses, the storefront often symbolizes the first point of contact when building customer relationships. A myriad of people walks the streets every day passing several stores with enticing signages to beckon everyone inside or at least leave an unforgettable notion that encourages future visit. The flow of traffic within your brick-and-mortar business is determined by efficient and lucrative storefront signages, and if conveyed improperly it may cause hesitation or confusion on your sales floor.

Storefront signs have a huge impact on sales and compelling designs convert buyers. Pay attention to these tips to capture customers’ attention.

Use Contrasting Colors and Big Fonts

According to research studies, using different colors can draw people’s attention. Red is the best color if you want to capture attention. Most marketing and advertising businesses use this color as it signifies power. Blue represents trust and professionalism. You can combine blue with lighter colors to emphasize your brand. Yellow, on the other hand, signifies confidence and power. Purple and gold are excellent colors that symbolize power, elegance, and prestige. Green is another color that’s warm and inviting.

Similarly, you can draw customers’ attention when you use bigger fonts. Consider the elderly and people with eyesight issues. The clarity of the text itself is also crucial. Clear and on-brand fonts will lead to maximum impact. If you happen to visit Houston’s downtown area, you’ll notice eye-catching food scenes where businesses used clear fonts and contrasting colors. It’s amazing to see those professional business signs in Houston. Even the parks have classy colorful monument signs. The signs in establishments and famous spots speak and convey clear messages.

Use Appropriate Sign for the Right Function

The primary function of signages is for advertising and marketing. The outside signage of the shop has to be bright and compelling as it’s the first thing that customers see before going inside the store. The sign has to entice customers from the outside, create curiosity and encourage them to venture inside. Your business sign has to let the people feel that they are in the right place just before you open the door and greet them.

Another is directional or wayfinding signs that allow customers to navigate through your shop. These signages should be visible for customers the moment they enter the store. They can be in the form of decals just like in supermarkets or grocery stores to direct the flow of traffic and encourage social distancing.

Digital and promotional signages should be properly used as well. Provide information that will lure your customers with versatility and creativity to meet the diverse needs of the customers.

Keep Your Signs Simple and Clear

Consider those people who are reading the signs from afar. Keep them short and simple to convey clarity in your message. Avoid flowery language and unnecessary jargon. This might defeat the purpose of promoting the brand. Stick with one strong message. Less is better.

Compelling storefront signs are important to attract and draw customers’ attention. If you’re running a business and struggling with customer traffic, follow the simple tips mentioned above and you’ll stand out.