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Technology, Innovation, and Engineering for New Inventions

What are technology and innovation in a mechanical engineering world?

People see technology as the latest in computers or cell phones, electronic devices, or robotics. That’s understandable, of course, but when it comes to product design or product development, mechanical engineers see things a little differently. For us, technology and innovation for new inventions are linked to the mechanical aspects of forms—the elements that help them work better—or even the details and proper applications of materials in a given invention. Consider a basic plastic case. At first glance, it might look like designing it was just a matter of creating a form that is molded into a specific shape. For us, the mechanical engineers involved in product development, it’s the small details that stand out. Those details may not be obvious to everyone, but they ensure an invention is completed to perfection. To our team at Spark Innovations, combining the right manufacturing techniques with the right materials in the right places in a product is innovation.

Mechanical Engineering and Innovation

Materials and engineering applied in the right places

You can have a great idea with an amazing purpose that looks beautiful on paper, but the process of bringing it to life is much more complex than it would appear. Many factors are involved. The materials and mechanics of the parts and components are among the most important aspects of making an idea a reality.
Our mechanical engineers look at specific materials , their strength, and how they behave with the other components of a new invention. They ensure there are no structural failures in the materials. If the components of a product are made from the same or different materials, they ensure that the loads or stresses that materials undergo don’t affect the overall function or properties of the product.
Production efficiency is another factor always taken into consideration. Our mechanical engineering team designs products for high volume, keeping in mind the entire sequence of steps involved in large-scale production so they can build efficiency into the product design right from its first conceptualization.

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Technology, Innovation, and Engineering for New Inventions

New inventions designed and engineered right!

If you have a new invention or idea—whether it’s composed of one part or two, or it’s an entire assembly—you need to find the right team of mechanical engineers to move that idea from a concept to a product . Our mechanical engineers are experts in product development and product design. Check out our entire portfolio and give us a call. We can help!