The Importance of Industrial Design in Product Development

Why Focus on Industrial Design of Your Product?

Industrial design is one of the most crucial aspects of product development. In today’s day and age, industrial design is so important and truly influences the buying decisions of consumers. Due to the wants and needs of consumers, industrial designers create solutions for problems, adhering to conclusions when designing a certain product for their client. Good industrially designed products carry a meaning and serve a function that should speak to the consumer in that sense. While the market is filled with tons of similar options and products, industrial design is the outstanding factor that should play to the strengths of innovation.

Taking the Industrial Design to the Next Level

Industrial designers pave the way for their client’s product to shine, really capturing the unique features of the product and capitalizing on them. Building a memorable brand stems from this and will help you stand out from your competitors. This is essential for industrial designers to wrap their head around, as they must present their ideas in the forms of models, drawings, sketches, etc, so that their client can see the bigger picture. A great example of this is one of the product Spark has worked on, The Tough Turban. The Tough Turban is a turban with an added layer of protection that also allows for cultural expression for turban-wearing riders. It was extremely well industrially designed, and the turban is not just an important symbol for Sikhs, but also is a big part of their identity and how they express themselves. It combines the best of both worlds, as it provides the aspect of safety and the ability to express their culture.

The Tough Turban was one of the many projects Spark’s industrial design team was heavily involved in. Spark took the vision and made it come to life, fulfilling all the client’s requirements and creating the most desirable product on the market for consumers. The industrial design of The Tough Turban was one of the most crucial parts, as it had to be sturdy, protective, and practical. At Spark we were heavily involved in the process and consulted with Sikh riders to make sure that the Dyneema material being used was durable and flexible enough to be tied into a turban. We worked on concept development, preliminary design, prototyping, industrial design, and 3D Printing. The designs for the prototype are being open sourced online, allowing manufacturers to have access to this blueprint to make a version of the Tough Turban. Find out more at