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The NutriTower

We are very excited at Spark Innovations to announce that The NutriTower, a project we helped develop, has reached their goal on KICKSTARTERS and the project has been successfully funded.

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NutriTower developed by Spark Innovations

The NutriTower is a vertical hydroponic system that is simple, elegant and efficient. The patent-pending vertical lighting design and the gravity fed nutrient delivery system make this the most effective way of growing food in your home year round.

It is approximately 7’ 6” tall and can accommodate between 20 to 24 large plants at one time. One system could keep an apartment sized family in fresh vegetables year round.

The pots are adjustable so for taller plants there may be 4 or 5 pots on a string for smaller plants the system can accommodate 6 on a string.

All lighting is done with LED plant growing light bars attached to the central column.

There is a water reservoir in the base with an immersed fountain pump that pushes water up a pipe in central column. At the top of the column it splits into four pipes that feed each top pot of each set of hanging pots. The pots have a root screen to prevent roots from plugging the drain. Each drain has a short pipe to the next lower pot. The lowest pot’s drain goes back to the reservoir. Water spillage is controlled as each pipe goes slightly into the top of the lower pot. The pots are suspended by two stainless cables and cable nuts. The pots are unique as the cable runs in a molded pipe on the pot sides so the pot cannot invert or tip with the weight of the top heavy plants.

The main frame has to be sturdy and stable as there is need for constantly trimming or working with the plants. The frame breaks down into 3 parts for packaging and shipping.


Growing some of your own food can have an immense impact on your life! There are a million reasons why home gardening makes sense, but here are just a few:

Eating freshly picked food is better for you. Upon harvesting, plants begin to break down, using their stored sugars and nutrients to stay alive. The nutritional value of fresh produce decrease exponentially from the moment its picked. Eating fresh produce ensures the highest concentration of nutrients.

Home grown food is good for the environment:

Transporting produce for thousands of miles consumes a tremendous amount of energy. Here in Canada, the average food item has travel about 4,000 KM (2,500 miles).
There is no plastic packaging or bags.
No need for pesticides.
No fertilizer run off from fields, creating problems in our streams and rivers.

Growing your own food is cheaper! If you are already buying organic produce the NutriTower will produce enough to pay for itself within a year. We designed the system to last so that you can enjoy it’s bounty for many years to come.

Gardening is good for the soul.

On a personal note, I get great joy from gardening. There is something very relaxing about spending a few minutes a day tending to my plants. I’ve also found that the light emitted by the tower is soothing and brightens my mood during the long winters.

Too see more information on how to get one check out their page on kick starters

"Nutri Tower""indoor gardening""home gardening" Design and development of indoor gardens"

Nutri Tower Developed by Spark Innovations