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What goes on at a Product Design Firm

Our product design firm is excited to share some of the latest projects we have designed and developed with our clients that are being successfully commercialized. Let’s check out a few of these amazing ideas that have made it through every step of the design and development process.

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Products Developed at our Product Design Firm - Finger Blade
Product Design Firm | Finger Blade

Product Design of the Finger Blade

With this new product, you will never hold, drop, lose, reach or search for your cutting tool. FingerBlade allows for increased efficiency and productivity.  Not having to constantly put down, pick up or search for your cutting tool, means enjoying continuous uninterrupted workflow.  Users can empty the contents of their packages, write, type, talk on the phone and perform other tasks all while wearing their FingerBlade.  In addition to the more natural movement of the wrist, with a maximum blade depth setting of just over 1/2″ the FingerBlade helps reduce the chances of injury.

Our Product Design firm provided all design right through to full mechanical validation and development for this very unique product. Many rounds of strategic prototyping and physical validation/testing were required in order to have this product function exactly as intended by our client.

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Product Design Firm| Toddler Walker

The Product Design of the Toddler Walker

A new patented children’s play center that helps develop toddlers walking ability and keeping them safe and happy. At the same time, this design keeps children in one area and prevents them from accessing potentially dangerous things such as a staircase, or bookshelf.

Our product design firm worked with the client to develop a lifelike representation of their product vision. We took their patent drawings and began sketching various form explorations and directions to help give them some options of how they would like the final product to look and work. After that, we developed 3D CAD with near production ready features to help sell the modularity and use cases of the product, as well as the aesthetics. We created a product marketing booklet with full logo and graphic design elements to help the client illustrate the history and functions of the Toddler Walker. 

Products Developed at our Product Design Firm - Toddler Walker

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