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What Types Of Patents Exist And Which One Should I Get?

If you are in the process of securing patent rights you may to know about the types of patents available and the patent that is ideal for your invention.

The Different Types of Patents 

  • Utility Patent
    • Software patent
    • Business method
    • Provisional Patent
    • Regular Utility patent
  • Design Patent
  • Plant Patent
  • Reissue Patents
  • Defensive Publications
  • Statutory Invention Registrations

These last three patent types are not very common and are appropriate in limited circumstances.

Most common Types of Patent

As you can see there are many types of patents. The most common patents issued in the US and patents that we deal with as product designers are Utility Patents and Design Patents.

Utility patent: You want to aim for a utility patent as it protects the function of your idea. When for some reason you can’t apply for a utility patent than some people try to patent their idea with a design patent. Utility patents last 20 years from the date the application is filed.

Example of a Utility Patent Drawing

Design Patent: The design patent only protects the form and aesthetics of your idea. In some cases the form is all you want to protect. A design patent is good for 14 years from the date the patent is issued.

Example of a Design Patent Drawing

Timing is of the essence in patents so the sooner you patent your idea before someone else the better. A cheaper way to start the process is with a provisional patent. It’s a great start to get that date locked in with less money, less work and less details.

Provisional Patent: Filing for a provisional patent is a faster and more economical way to file your application and get your invention protected. Once you have filed you can still call your invention “patent pending”. After filed you have a full year to complete the drawings and perfect the details of your invention.

If you need more information on patents or need help with patent drawings or filing a patent contact us and we can help!