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What You Need to Know When Hiring a Product Design Firm

You have an idea in your head, and may be looking for the best product design firm for you! Well you have come to the right place to get some background information about what you need to know upon hiring a product design firm.

1. Experience and Expertise

One of the most common problems clients face when choosing a product design firm is that they choose one that lacks the experience and expertise in the correct departments. A good product design firm should offer many different services and areas of specialization, being able to deliver whatever the product may be. At Spark, we’ve got nothing but years of experience, consistently delivering and exceeding our customer expectations. It is about problem solving and connecting the product to produce an end result of a fantastic consumer experience. This is one of the most important characteristics a product design firm should have.

2. Encompass a Developed Process

Product design firms should have a developed process that they stick by to make sure overall quality is maximized and nothing gets missed. They must listen to what their customers want and work with them to directly produce their intended outcome. This may look like giving feedback and tweaking the product or prototype multiple times, but if it has to be done for perfection so be it. Some firms do not have a consistent process, resulting in products not turning out the way they are supposed to. At Spark, our mechanical design team is extremely product-design focused and works hands in hand with our industrial designers, product designers, etc, to ensure a collaborative process on all fronts to secure a seamless product.

3. Creative

You want a firm that is gonna take your idea and think outside the box. A firm should encompass the ability to make your product’s functions and design the shining star, attracting your target market to a tee. Creativity or a unique feature is what draws people in, and a good product design firm should know and understand how to capitalize on this.

4. Technological

A good product design firm should have the tool of modern technology to use towards creating the best product design for you. Software, computer programs, and design programs just to name a few should all be present with a product design firm. This way, the firm is able to adhere to current trends and have the capability to create something futuristic as well. At Spark for example, we encompass all the best Canadian software available, with a rapid in-house prototype system also at our disposal, as well as a PolyJet Objet 30, and a high resolution 3D printer.

It is of fundamental importance to ensure you hire a product design firm that has the capabilities of bringing your vision to life. At Spark Innovations we ensure that we hit all of our client’s needs but more importantly surpass all of their wants. Competitive advantage is something that we possess great mastery in, leaving clients with a very happy and successful product.