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Industrial Design:  Toronto’s Spark Innovations Explains Five Key Concepts

What is industrial design? Toronto’s Spark Innovations has the answer. We’ve been in this business since 1989 so we are experts. In this post, we’ll explain the five key concepts of industrial design, providing essential knowledge for inventors looking to transform an idea into a physical product.

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Industrial Design Toronto

Product Development

You already have an idea, but we can refine it into a marketable product. Product development involves working closely with you to learn all we can about your invention. Then—to use a sports metaphor—we take the ball and run with it. We’ll conduct detailed research into the marketplace to ensure we create a usable product that appeals to the consumer you are hoping to reach.  In this phase we use CAD modelling and sketches to create initial design drawings that allow us to fine tune the product concept.


Your product won’t sell if it’s hard to use. We examine the ergonomics of your invention to ensure it will be comfortable, safe, and functional for the target consumer.


Famed graphic designer Milton Glaser once said: “There are three responses to a piece of design—yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” In other words, appearance matters. In fact, the aesthetics of your design are a critical part of its marketing: if it looks good, it is more likely to get attention in a crowded marketplace. We use sketches, 3D modelling, and computer surface modelling to enhance the aesthetics of your product and improve your chances of success once it hits store shelves.

Industrial Design Toronto


Before any prototyping can be done, we need to iron out any wrinkles in your design. We do this through virtual models and rigorous testing. You may have heard of Catia and SolidWorks. These are the software programs we use to create accurate virtual models that can undergo virtual tests, like stress analysis and materials suitability. Once we are sure of the integrity of the product to this point, we can begin making it into something tangible.

3D Models and Prototyping

How can you really gauge the quality and utility of your product? By holding it in your hands. We use our state-of-the-art 3D printer to create real-life models of your invention. Working with you, we use this 3D model to evaluate the function, aesthetics, and ergonomics of your design before moving onto production.

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