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If you are a serious inventor, you have probably already found yourself in need of 3D printing services or rapid prototyping services.
Our 3D printing services are the ideal solution for inventors looking to create prototypes and realistic models of their new idea. The majority of prototypes are built using rapid prototypes or 3D printers because they are cheaper and faster. In the product development stage, where you need a functioning prototype, you want the convenience and speed that 3D printing technology offers. With this technology, you will get an accurate sample of your invention without the hassle of ordering a large quantity from a manufacturing company.

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The Need for a 3D Printing Service During Product Design

Why do you need 3D printing during the product development phase of a product design? There are a few possible reasons.
You will need a functioning prototype to make sure the ergonomics of your invention are right. When designing a new idea or invention, you will need to make sure it feels right and that it works. There are other ways of creating functioning prototypes but a 3D printing service like ours is probably the fastest and most efficient way of creating prototypes today.
If you are more deeply immersed in the design development phase, you will probably need a sample for marketing purposes or a trade show. You might also want to take some great shots for your website or social media.

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Rapid Prototype Parts 3D Printing

You and your entire product development team might also want to use your 3D prototype to verify that all essential parts come together with ease. Having a 3D prototype of your invention confirms that everything works well. It also identifies trouble spots to help make needed corrections, and allows you to move forward to the next step.

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The 3D printer we use here at Spark Innovations, the PolyJet Objet 30, creates one-colour models with a very fine surface in any form you can possibly imagine. With a bit of material treatment and paint, we can create amazing models with so much accuracy they look almost real. Here are some examples of prototypes we have made with our 3D printer:

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Finished Functioning 3D Printed Model

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