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5 COVID Compliant Ways to Attract More Customers

2020 was, for the most part, a year from hell. Our lives were turned upside down, people lost loved ones and we all had to learn to adapt to our new version of “normal”. For some of us with companies, COVID compliance can be tricky but we all need to find the balance between staying safe and staying in business. Here are 5 COVID compliant ways to attract more customers to your business in these very trying times.

1. Add More to Your Marketing Budget

You may be tempted to pull back on funding your campaigns to preserve cashflow, as tempting as this may seem it is important that you do not. This will only do more damage to your business. It is vital that you stay relevant, especially in the digital societies, your walk-in customers will, most likely, drop right off for the foreseeable future so you need to find creative ways to get their attention online to make up for the drop.

2.Have a Positive Mindset

Show your customers that you are hopeful for the future because without hope we have nothing. You need to make sure that you do not downplay the current situation though – there are lives at stake here and we need to be consistently mindful of that. It is important that your customers know you are doing everything you can to keep everyone safe. Let them know what you are doing for them and for your employees, things like providing hand sanitizers, paper towels as well as regularly deep-cleaning are all ways to make your customers feel safer in your workspace or shop.

3. Liven Up Your Retail Space

Add organic touches to your retail space, the boost of greenery will help your customers feel more at peace in your space. Choose a gorgeous planter from PureModern and fill it with your favourite flowers and shrubs. This little boost of nature will make your space look and feel airy and light. Make sure the rest of your retail space is neat and clean and you ventilate your space adequately, if possible.

4. Keep an Eye on Your Socials

It is a good idea to do an audit on your social media posts, this will remind you of what message you are putting out there. It will also give you a chance to review your content, pictures and posts and make sure they are aligned to your message for 2021. Be sure to highlight any specials you may be running for the new year and boost those accordingly. A strong social media strategy is so important right now, don’t let yours disappoint your potential customers.

5. Revamp Your Website

Having a website is more important now than it has ever been before. Your customers need to be able to shop online from the comfort of their own home, where they feel safe. If you don’t have a website, you need to get one as soon as possible. If you already had a website with ecommerce capability before the pandemic, that is great! You should still review your content though, people are very home-orientated right now so anything that will inspire comfort and nostalgia is trending.