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Commercial and Industrial Designers’ Involvement in Your New Invention

Do you have a commercial product idea? Are you looking for a team of commercial and industrial designers to help you develop your concept? Whether your new invention or idea is something for the housewares department, a medical or dental device, a sport or kitchen product, a commercial product or consumer product, we have an experienced team of commercial and industrial designers who will help you through the entire product development process.

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Commercial & Industrial Design products

Steps Commercial and Industrial Designers Take to Design Your Product

If you have an idea for a commercial product, you might be at the beginning of the design process or even reaching the end. Regardless of where you are in the process, our team of commercial and industrial designers can help you along the way.
If you are in the initial phase of creating a new design, we can help you define the product’s purpose, audience, and general aesthetics. Research is essential at this stage to help you identify the market’s needs and determine the overall look and feel of the invention.
Commercial and industrial designers start off by visualizing your idea. They will create concepts through renders and sketches to convey, to the best of their abilities, what you have in mind. In some cases they present renderings and even 3D drawings to show your ideas in a manner that best represents the aesthetics and function of your product. Prototypes are then built to ensure ergonomics are in check. What we have here is really a connection and intertwining of brains, structure, and knowledge.
Once the form is defined, there is still a lot more for commercial and industrial designers to do. They are the keys to bringing the entire project together. Teamwork and communication are critical to ensuring all the pieces of your idea come together into a finished product. A perfect crew that works like the proverbial well-oiled machine is essential to creating your product successfully. Together, this team will: synchronize manufacturing moulds and electronics; make sure all tests are passed and requirements are met; align the graphics and marketing; and assist with the commercial and sales aspects. Commercial and industrial designers are responsible for getting the idea you have in your mind into the hands of consumers.

A Perfect Team of Commercial and Industrial Designers

Contact us now to see if our team of commercial and industrial designers is the perfect fit for you. Experience, skills, patience, creativity, and discipline are vital in the development of your new product design idea and we have all of those qualities in abundance! Let us know what stage you are at currently and we can take it from there. Together, we’ll transform your idea into a tangible product for consumers.