Engineering Consulting Firms Toronto

Engineering Consulting Firms: Toronto’s Spark Innovations Specializes in Designing Winning Products

If you are looking to bring a product to market, you need an engineering consulting firm to take care of the ergonomics, usability, and even the aesthetics of your design. Toronto’s Spark Innovations is just such a firm. Our team includes mechanical and electronic engineers who work closely with our industrial designers and our client inventors to streamline and perfect their ideas.

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Engineering Consulting Firms Toronto

Mechanical Engineering

What is the role of the mechanical engineer in product design? In essence, mechanical engineers focus on smart, efficient design. They are responsible for creating the models for the rigorous testing we do at Spark. The CAD drawings they create communicate vital technical details used in the building of prototypes, tooling, and, eventually, manufacturing. But it’s not all about numbers and data. At Spark, our mechanical engineers work right alongside our industrial designers and graphic designers to ensure the designs are pleasing to the eye and offer comfort and ease of use to the target consumer.
Efficiency in production is another factor considered by our mechanical engineering team. At Spark Innovations, we excel at designing for high volumes, considering not just the product but the entire sequence of steps involved in its creation. It takes a particular skill set to envision the entire production process and, from there, to reduce production costs wherever possible. Our team has proven time and again that they can streamline design and lower production costs while still meeting all regulatory requirements (CSA, ISO, UL, and so on.)

Engineering Consulting Firms Toronto

Electronic Engineering

Electronics are required in many new products. Our expertise includes:  batteries, portable Li-ion, and NIMH; non-contact inductive charging, USB and PoE; cellular, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, RFID, and other types of connectivity.

Because our engineers and designers work together, we offer a product development cycle that is completely integrated, right from the start. In other words, we all work together for continuous improvement and idea sharing related to your invention. The end result is the best possible product, engineered to maximize efficiencies in production, conform to standards, and meet the needs of the end user.

Your invention needs an engineering consulting firm to bring it to life. Contact our Toronto office to learn more about what our engineers can do for you.