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From an Idea in Your Head to a Final Product

How to Execute Product Development Flawlessly

Do you want to put your ideas into action but have no clue where to start? Well, you and many other inventors are in the same boat in terms of figuring out how to execute product development flawlessly and seamlessly. This blog will get your wheels spinning and get you on the right track to take your idea in your head to a final product.  

Step 1: Brainstorm and Record

This phase involves having proof of your invention ideas; including sketches, jot notes, and brainstorming about your idea. Simply just having an idea in your head is not helpful, but rather putting it down on paper will help both you and potential designers with the product development process. This way you have proof that the idea is solely your own, and have notes that relate to your invention. You should include your thought process from what it is, how it will work, how you will build it, and of course how you will advertise it.  

Step 2: Research Absolutely Everything

Everything about your product must be researched from both the marketing standpoint, as well as a legal standpoint. From a marketing standpoint, you must research your target audience of who you want your product to reach. As an inventor, you must think; is this something that my target audience wants and needs? Is it something that will stand out from competitor products? Once your market research is done, you will need to complete an initial patent search to ensure that your idea does not already exist. You want to completely make sure no one has patented your product.  

Our team at Spark Innovations is highly successful, in obtaining optimal patent protection for its clients. Working with experienced patent agents and attorneys, Spark formulates IP strategies and searches for conflicting technology to ensure that there is not a patent already in place. Our team at Spark does not stop there, and also prepares formal patent briefs, recommending ways to direct the efforts and ease the load of your patent agents. For more information, visit https://www.sparkinnovations.com/services/patent_services/.

Step 3: Make a Prototype

It is definitely not easy to take an idea and create a physical prototype or tangible product out of it. Prototyping will bring everything from step 1 to life, demonstrating the potential and design of your product when prototyping. This will allow you to uncover any flaws in product design, and ensure you have a flawless prototype after rounds of feedback to present to investors or get feedback from those within the target market. Look no further for a prototyping team, as our team at Spark offers this service ensuring customer satisfaction. From fabric, to metal, to plastic prototypes, Spark does it all and leaves clients happy creating their product into a reality. To find out more about our prototyping service see www.sparkinnovations.com/prototyping-service/. 

Step 4: File a Patent and Start Marketing!

Now that you have a prototype that you are happy with, you can go ahead and file either a utility patent application or a design patent application. By having a strong application with legal advice, it will be greatly beneficial in order to avoid any legal problems that may arise in the future.  

Once this is done, brainstorming of how to bring your product to the market must begin. How will you advertise your product and sell it? It is important to think about how you will manufacture your product and if you want to bring in other parties to help you do this. Let the product development process begin and see your idea turn into reality and begin to work for you!