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Important Stationary Items for Your Startup

If you’re an excited start-up business owner, or the proud CEO of a growing organisation, you will have a lot of things on your plate.

It’s easy to focus on the bigger tasks at hand when you’re growing your business, but it’s also important not to miss the smaller details like your office stationery.

Here are some of the essential stationery items that every business owner needs to have.

Carbonless Paper

Having notepads of carbonless paper to hand is essential for a number of businesses. It enables you to form a second copy of every form that your customers or clients sign. It’s always helpful to have your own version of every important document in case you need to verify any transactions or contract details in the future.

Pens and Notebooks

This is an obvious necessity for any startup business, whether your employees are working in the office or remotely. You will need a notebook and pens to hand so you make notes during an important meeting or phone call.

You can also create personalised notebooks with your company logo and branding on to hand out to your visitors. Every time they use this notepad, they will see your brand’s name, and this keeps your business in the forefront of your customer’s minds.

Large Whiteboard and Markers

When you’re in a team meeting, it’s helpful to have a large whiteboard hung on the wall so you can brainstorm ideas. Keeping some different coloured markers nearby means you can make your flow charts and diagrams clear and colour-coded.

Business Cards

Having something to physically hand out to your visitors will do wonders for your marketing. By handing out business cards, you can personalise the design so that your startup brand name is seen even when your customers and clients are at home.


Even though most things are now done digitally, having some forms of paper advertisement in the office can be helpful. You can hand leaflets to customers or clients that are enquiring about your goods or services. Handing out leaflets is a great way to keep your name in people’s minds even when they leave your office or commercial building.


It’s the worst when you have a bunch of papers that need to be in a particular order, but they’ve become muddled up. Or maybe you have lost one specific page of your document, so you need to reprint the whole thing. In times like these, having a stapler in the office is going to be a life saver. And of course, don’t forget the staples!

File Organiser

To keep you forms and folders in place, you will need one or more file organisers. They can sit at the side of your computer for easy access to important documents. File organisers can keep your desk free of clutter and your office looking tidy. This not only increases your productivity, but it also makes your workspace look more professional and inviting for potential customers.