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Industrial Design Toronto

If you have a great idea and you have been thinking of protecting it, don’t think twice! Over and over again people are disappointed because they didn’t act quickly to protect their idea after they see it in the market! It’s important to protect your idea and at Spark Innovations we can help you!
As much as protecting your idea matters, it’s also important to sell it. Making money is the most satisfying reward for an entrepreneur. But what does it take to sell your product idea? Other than things such as the right marketing strategies, selling to the right target, and, in some cases, having the right contacts, the other vital element is how your product idea looks.

The aesthetics of your product idea can do more than you can imagine for your invention.

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Industrial Designers-Making beautiful Products!

At Spark Innovations our industrial design team will make sure your product not only functions properly but looks good. The look of your new invention is largely responsible for how your new product design captures the market. The industrial designers at Spark enhance a product’s appearance, continually refining the product’s aesthetics to appeal to the target market without sacrificing the product’s function.

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Industrial Design- New Inventions that appeal to the right market!


Based on market research, our industrial designers will create sketches to lay out the initial concepts of what the form for your product idea or invention should be. They may do several iterations until they find the ideal form. Once refined, they transfer the form into a 3D modeling program. Having your invention/idea in a 3D computer program allows our industrial design team to create perfectly made renderings that will help you understand how it will turn out. Our industrial designers will also create 3D prototypes of your invention so you can feel it, touch it, see how it works, and—most importantly—make sure the ergonomics are right!
Creating beautiful inventions is one of our most important goals. At Spark we will transform your new invention or idea into a product that people want to buy and, most importantly, that companies want to sell.