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Once you’re close to the final stages of product development, it’s probably time to start thinking about what type of packaging will encapsulate your new invention. There are many different packaging solutions out there and they range on cost, target audience and the level of prestige you want for your product.

Packaging comes in a variety of different materials such as paper, cardboard, paperboard, corrugated plastic, plastic, wood, you name it. Choosing the right materials and processes for your product comes down to many factors, cost being the number one typically.

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How to choose the right Packaging Design for my new product idea

Cost: Protecting your product during shipping is a must, but how much are you willing to pay? If your invention will retail for just a few dollars you probably don’t want the packaging to be more expensive than your product. On the flip side, if your product is carefully crafted, will retail for more than just a few bucks and has a higher end target audience you may want to invest more than you think on packaging. For the majority of products that are in that middle ground, the difficulty is finding that balance between cost effective packaging with a price tag that won’t burn your bottom line.

Strength: The heavier your product the stronger your packaging must be. A heavier stock of paper such as cardboard or cardstock may not be strong enough and if that’s the case you may have to look into plastics.

Manufacturing Process: Manufacturing processes also influence the price of your packaging. Papers, cardboard and plastic packaging are typically stamped for simplistic forms, more complicated processes are used when a packaging solutions is generally more fancy and complicated, such as clamshells. To achieve something like a clamshell, you will need a mould which will increase your price dependent on quantity.

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Retail space or online: With so many online distribution possibilities in today’s market some may argue that packaging for a retail environment is less important today than it was a decade ago. But isn’t it every persons dream to see their product in a retail store? Online sales are slowly gaining ground on retail sales, but you might be surprised by the numbers. Between 10-15% of all product revenue is from online sales, leaving about 85% of all product purchases still going through brick and mortar stores, so don’t create your packaging solutions based solely on an online market.

Retail stores have many different ways of displaying products, and this, can affect your product packaging as well. Some stores don’t have shelves and some stores don’t have the option to hang items, and on top of that, these stores typically dictate where and how your product will be displayed. You must understand, you are not the only one trying to get your product into stores, so you must think smart when deciding how it might be displayed. You need to consider many variables, the sooner you understand and probe these retail stores on their practices, the more informed and versatile your product will be these companies.

Status: We all desire to create a product that will sit within a million dollar looking package. The psychology behind a beautiful packaging sells. The textures, the colours, the shape and how we interact with the packaging forms an integral part of how we can people view your product.

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The key is to integrate all the factors above while integrating the packaging to our product’s language.

If you need help with creating packaging for your product, no matter what stage you are in, we are well experienced and can help you achieve your vision. Whether it’s concepts for graphic design, ideas for the shape, material or manufacturing process give us a call. We can help you from the initial sketch, cost and manufacturing.

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