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Product design in today’s world

Product design is known today by many different terms: product design, product development, industrial design, product invention, startup design help, product engineering, mechanical design, and many more. The terms all mean pretty much the same thing, and they are all used by people who have an invention or an idea they want to make a reality, take to market, and earn money from.


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So you have a great idea. Now what? You may be asking yourself some questions. Do I need to do drawings? Do I find someone to help me with the form? Someone to sketch my idea? Do I need an engineer? What colours should my product be? How do I make it function? How do I make a functioning prototype? Do I need to patent my idea? How do I make it a reality? How do I take it to market? Where do I start?

A product design firm comes in at any of these stages. Our team at Spark has the experience you need to help you complete any step of your product design.

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How can a product designer help with my idea?

Some people believe that product design only applies to the initial concepts of your idea. And that is true–product designers will help you flesh out your initial idea–but they are trained to do much more.

You’d be surprised what product designers think about when presented with a new idea or invention. Their training and knowledge prepare them to look at all aspects of a product to give it the best possible chance for success. From the very start, even when they have only an idea to work with, product designers are already thinking about the manufacturing process. They will have done basic research that allows them to understand the background of the idea and the demographics of the target market. They will have also considered mood and inspiration to help them define the colors, textures, and form of the idea. And this is just the beginning!

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Professional product designers work on your idea to make it a reality. They will help you progress along the entire development process, from the beginning stages of the concept and ideation to the manufacturing and shipping and, in some cases, even more. Ready to take your idea to market? Be sure you have an experienced product design team along for the journey!

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