Product development help for inventions and inventors

Inventions and inventors: which needs more help? Sometimes inventors visit our studio with great inventions that can go very far, financially speaking. Yet, despite having a fantastic idea, the inventors of these wonderful inventions find themselves in need of help!

After an idea is dreamed up and the development process is started, inventions pretty much take care of themselves. There is a strict, defined process for product development, and once the wheels are in motion, the invention really just needs to be moved through the process–something we can manage if you choose us as your design firm. From the first phase to the last, in a short or longer time, your invention will get developed.

As for inventors, they are often in need of help during the product development phase, and especially after. Many get bogged down in all the details and lose sight of the big picture. Sometimes it takes another person with experience in product development to refocus the creator of a product. These experts can help show inventors that certain details of the design can wait. For example, inventors may get stuck in details of the packaging when they should be focusing on sales and marketing. Packaging can change along the way, or even be defined by a specific retailer or private label company interested in an invention. There’s no point worrying about that until absolutely necessary.

Inventors: we can guide you and advise you on what matters most at any given point of the product development process.
As we said above, it is after the development phase that inventors typically need the most help. Most inventions can be developed into marketable products, yet after the 3D models are ready, inventors are faced with an empty feeling of uncertainty and may not know what to do next
If you are in this situation, you’re not alone. At Spark Innovations we help inventors with every step of the development process. Whether it’s with the initial phases of product development or after the invention has been completed, we can direct you and ensure you are on the right track.

If you are a new inventor, it’s natural to have a lot of questions that need answers, like these:

When do I need an NDA, and with whom?
How do I protect my idea?
Do I need to patent my invention?
What type of patent should I pursue?
How much can it cost me?
What about tooling management?
What production process should my invention have? What is cheaper?
Where should I manufacture my product?
Should I manufacture locally or abroad?
How do I deal with shipping?
How long should I expect to wait to receive an order after I have paid for manufacturing?
How can I take my product to market?
How much should retail pricing be?
How do I price my product right?
Where do I start with marketing?
How should I start selling?
Do I licence my invention?
Or should I sell it to retail companies?
Should I sell it myself?
Do I need a website?
How do I promote my invention?

If you have any of these questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We can help! At Spark Innovations we are a one-stop shop for developing products and taking them to market.