Start up help for Product Development

Product Development Startup Help

Product development start-ups require a specific type of help. They are not just opening a business, like a retail store, but launching an entirely new product. All new businesses need support, of course, but creating a new product requires a complete range of of product development services that help inventors and entrepreneurs get their ideas to market quickly. This process involves everything from initial research and concept drawings to patents and marketing. Overlooking any of these details means startups run the risk of never seeing their product in the marketplace. That is why expert help is needed.

Our comprehensive product development process helps startups convert their concepts or ideas into functioning prototypes. From there, with our help, they can achieve their goal of creating a commercially successful product.

We are truly a one-stop shop for product development services. Everything an inventor needs to develop, manufacture, and take their idea to market is under one roof, here at Spark Innovations.

Startups seeking to launch a brand new product need to follow a detailed process. It begins with refining their concept, then moves through the many other steps required to get a product onto store shelves. The stages of the product development process include:

● Research
● Concept Development
● Ergonomics & Aesthetic Styling
● Industrial Design
● Computer Aided Design
● Mechanical Engineering
● Prototyping or 3D printing
● Functioning Prototypes
● Patenting
● Manufacturing
● Packaging
● Graphics
● Marketing
● Fundraising

It’s a long list that can seem very intimidating, but don’t be overwhelmed! Our team of professionals will take you by the hand and guide you step-by-step through the process. We will start at whatever point you find yourself in the product development process: maybe you already have a detailed concept, but need help perfecting the design; maybe you need to focus on prototyping and the finer points of manufacturing; or maybe your idea is still in your mind’s eye, just waiting for someone to put it on paper. We can help you, no matter what stage you are at.

Reduce your risk and lower your development costs by working with our team of product development experts. We will sign an NDA to ensure your idea is fully protected. Contact us today to get started!