Spark Innovations is Celebrating 30 years in business!

We are proudly celebrating our 30th anniversary.

Bob founded Spark Innovations Inc. in 1989 to create innovative product designs with strong intellectual property. Since our founding, Spark Innovation’s professional team of industrial designers and mechanical engineers has taken thousands of products from the early stages of an idea to mass market.

From the start, Sparks’ philosophy was to pursue opportunities “in little, high-volume things where we can innovate and patent.”

Today we are celebrating with an Amazing Product Design Team

30 years later the entire Spark Innovations’ team took a day to enjoy some much deserved fun at the K1 Speed indoor cart racing. Delicious lunch followed by a set of races that made the afternoon more and more exciting as it went by.

A few bumps along the road but no broken bones and the afternoon was celebrated with joy!

Check out some cool footage of our afternoon.

A product Design team celebrating 30 years in business
A product design team enjoying a 30 year celebration
Spark Innovations at K1 Speed Celebrating 30 years in business
The Spark Team Winners at K1 Speed
The Spark Innovations gold winner trophy at K1 Speed

Product Design: Experience and Trust

Over the years we have built ongoing respectful relationships with key stakeholders, including manufacturers, universities, patent attorneys, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers. These strategic alliances facilitate the entire design development process, moving an invention efficiently from initial concept to completion. As an experienced industrial design firm, we have a thorough understanding of which helps us design your idea in a better way and make it more unique.

Our mission is to surpass customer expectations with the quality of our services in a fun and positive environment. We look forward to the next years and we thank all our clients and stakeholders for their support. We promise to continue providing exceptional service for years to come!


Happy 30th Anniversary to us!