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Top 6 Ways Drone Can Help Elevate Product Design Marketing

A drone is an advanced tech gadget, a brilliant addition to the already ever-expanding line of cutting-edge technological products. But do you know how effective drones can be in the expansion of businesses such as product design marketing? New use cases for this exciting new gadget are emerging almost every day!

Are you considering using drone technology in expanding your business too? If so, then this article will help you figure out exactly how you can do so.

Drones can elevate your game in many areas of business. For instance, it can simply take product design marketing to soaring heights!

Top 6 Ways to Apply Drone Tech and Elevate Your Product Design Marketing

You must seek authentic professional drone services when choosing to promote your business products and services via this technology. Remember, using drones requires a license, which means you need to strictly adhere to some laws and regulations.

Furthermore, you need to be cognizant of your customers and end users when using drone technology for delivering services, creating marketing collateral, or any other business use case.

However, once you’re equipped with the knowledge and skills to pilot this flying tech, you can use it efficiently and efficaciously to expand your business.

In this article, we’ll share six brilliant and proven ways to apply drones in product design marketing. Let’s roll:

1.  Creating Value-Added and Lasting Content

For marketing, two-dimensional visuals or videos are things of the past. Imagine, you’re shooting a video of a car manufacturing factory and in it, you want to show everything including raw materials, engineers, mechanics, parts and equipment, assembling, 3D modeling, and test driving.

In that case, will two-dimension photography or videography make the whole process stand out? The answer is most probably no.

Rather, flying out a drone will do an in-depth and multi-dimensional capture of the whole facility, including every aspect of the factory and its processes. It will be a far more captivating watch for the audience than a video taken through the means of traditional handheld cameras.

2.  Capturing Bird Eye Views of Products and Infrastructures

If you’re in the real estate business, drones can take your business literally ‘up.’ You’ll be able to take shots of properties from up high.

Furthermore, drones can get you long shots in which you can show your buyers the whole area around the property so that they can get a complete feel of the area/neighborhood virtually.

In terms of capturing individual areas of the property, drones can enable a bird’s eye view that allows viewers to understand the layout of the property, and the rooms better. This can attract more buyers in this day and age than in-person visits.

3.  Influencing on Social Media Platforms

The role of social media in marketing and promoting brands and products can no longer be denied. And drones have become a huge part of the social media marketing phenomenon.

Travel vlogs, tourism, food vlog, bikes, air gliders, mountaineering, or similar adventurous businesses rely on live-action promotions these days. Surely, you’ve got to edit those raw videos to make them more enticing. However, the subsequent customer engagement and increased sales eventually justify the whole effort. 

Not surprisingly, giant brands and social media influencers are now partnering to capture drone videos of intricate product and service designs. This has advertently enabled them in generating sales from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other popular platforms.

4.  Delivering Products at Customer’s Doorstep

The no-contact delivery was a timely concept to make a safer and better customer experience during the Covid-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, it became well-established later on, and consequently, brands and companies started seeking more unique delivery ideas which were faster and more effective.

Hence, the drone delivery system was developed, which was later implemented by a few big brands.

You too can take inspiration from this drone-based delivery system and develop a more timely product and service delivery in e-commerce and other delivery-oriented industries. 

5.  Capturing Dynamic Views of Places and Infrastructures

If you’re operating a tourist-centric business such as hotels and resorts, drones could make a big difference. You can shoot the breathtaking mountains, long sandy beaches, exhilarating sea surfings, and elated tourists while capturing your alluring establishment at the same time.

Those zoom-ins and zoom-outs, vertical shots, and flyaways by a drone camera will create scintillating virtual experiences for tourists. They’ll learn about your location, vibe, facilities, and service quality and be excited to make reservations with you.

You can hire a professional drone pilot who can conduct the videography for you. Later you can edit the footage with cutting-edge software for publishing on your website, social media pages, and virtual communities.

6.  Utilizing As an Immense Potential for Product Design Marketing

Drones promise immense potential for entrepreneurs from small businesses to those in charge of large corporate behemoths. One of the most compelling reasons to opt for a drone is its ease of use.

Drone manufacturers generally aim at making drones more user-friendly, so that they can be used even by those who are not especially tech-savvy.

So if you want to showcase a new product design to your customers, you can easily do so using drone videography. There won’t be that long or steep of a learning curve.

How do Drone Photography and Videography Benefit Product Design Marketing?

You can be the king of your business by aptly photographing or taking videos of your product designs with drone cameras. But do you know what are the scopes for drones in various industries?

Let’s look at some of the potential industries where drones can help streamlines functional processes and achieve better results:

1.  Manufacturing

Automobiles, food, steel, pharmaceuticals, or any big industry can show their manufacturing processes through drone videos and photos. Such videos can work as documentaries or promotional videos before launching new products or services.

2.  Agriculture

In agriculture, you can pan out your farming lands by drone shots. It’ll help you plan strategic land expansion in terms of seasonal crops, water irrigation, harvesting, and storage.

3.  Construction

You can record your construction projects from the beginning to the end. It’ll help you in gaining insights into your work progress while gathering information for future development.

4.  Entertainment

Amusement parks, concerts, events, and national or international celebrations can be promoted through drones. Drone cameras can also facilitate vigilance over the premises to prevent undesirable incidents.

5.  Government and Non-Government Projects

Both government and non-government organizations can collect information on lands and areas for future projects through drones. They can plan on building community parks, power projects, tourism, roads, transportation, etc.

Final Thoughts

You’ve learned from our article how to use drones for product design marketing. But that’s not the only use case. Remember, whatever your product or service is, drones can help you enhance marketing as well as the customer experience manifold within a short period. For instance, if you know how to use the technology right, you can capture more intriguing marketing collateral and make faster deliveries.