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What Really Makes a Good Industrial Design?

Do you ever subconsciously think about why you choose certain products over others? Most people do not realize the importance of good industrial design. It can be the deciding factor for a consumer to choose a product. Good industrial design must fulfill two main criteria: it must identify a problem and enhance a product to solve this issue. Products used daily by a widespread amount of the population, tend to have great industrial design, hence their popularity. When there is a gap that needs to be filled, a great industrially designed product is made to fulfill this need and help your product stand out like no other. Steps are taken during the industrial design process to ensure that a product is relevant, solves a problem, is competitive, exciting, etc. The SplatterDōm is a perfect example of this. So, what makes a good industrial design?


Good industrial designs are innovative, making them the most wanted products on the market. The innovation must be the attention grabber of consumers, while at the same time adding great value to the product.


Good industrial designs fulfill a void that consumers may have, with the product providing a great purpose. It communicates its purpose with the functionality of the product, showcasing that it is easy to use, sustainable, relevant to society, and will stand the test of time. The SplatterDōm is extremely practical due to its phenomenal industrial design.

The Design

While the function of a product speaks volumes, its industrial design must be up to par to handle all the aspects of the product. The fantastic industrial design comes from the understanding of the nature of the issue and playing on this to maximize the solution. For example, with The SplatterDōm, our team of industrial designers at Spark heard the concerns of consumers loud and clear and worked to make functionality the focal component of the product design. Every little detail such as the 30x notch features allowing the flaps to clear the panhandler, the rib for grease to spill over, the three ribs on the side for different sized pans, etc, were all tailored down to the very last detail to perfect the design of the product.

In today’s consumerist society, a good industrial design can either make or break the product; helping it stand out or fall behind in the crowd of products. For example, with the SplatterDōm, the amazing industrial design is the standout part of the product. It speaks for itself with its purpose, aesthetic, and function. Our team at Spark did not rest until the industrial design was perfect, with rounds of prototyping taking place, technical drawings and sketches being drawn, as well as industrial design concepts being taken into account during patent drawings.

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