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When Designing a New Product 4 Must-haves For Your Workstation

When it comes to product design and development, your workstation can become like a second home. If you’re spending hours on end working on various projects, it’s important that your workspace is both comfortable and fits all your needs. In this case, there are a few elements to consider that could make your life a little easier when you’re in the zone. Here are a few key components of your workstation that you might want to reconsider, readjust or simply upgrade to benefit your health, projects and overall productivity.

Good Lighting

Working with the small details that form a major part of product design and development means that it’s pretty important that you can actually see those details. Working in dim lighting can be damaging to your eyes and make your project that much harder to work with. This is where good lighting and in some cases, magnification comes in. Investing in high-end lighting and magnification equipment will help you to get really up close and personal with whatever you’re working with. However, when you’re spending a lot of money on work tools, you’re going to want to make sure they’re long-lasting. Intertek replacement parts will be a great option when certain parts need to be replaced, so you can be sure your equipment will be a part of your workstation for as long as you need it.

Supportive Seating

Investing in a good quality, posture supporting desk chair is important for any kind of desk set-up, especially if you spend many hours a day sitting down. Supporting your back health plays a crucial role in your overall health and neglecting this can have a lasting impact on your spine and back muscles. If you experience back pain during or after a work session, consider changing your chair to something more supportive. Some things to look for in a desk chair include height and backrest adjustment and ergonomic design. You could also look into a lumbar-support cushion and a footrest for extra support during your work hours.

Adjustable Desk

An adjustable desk is a game-changer when it comes to working long hours. This is a tool that allows you to adjust the height at which you work, meaning that you can switch between seated and standing work sporadically throughout the work day. Standing while you work is yet another way to reduce back and shoulder pain, particularly if you don’t have an ergonomic desk chair as discussed in the previous section. Switching between standing and sitting can be beneficial for your back health as well as your overall health, on top of boosting your energy levels and productivity.

Extra Accessories

Some smaller, more minor additions to your station could include some helpful accessories such as an ergonomic keyboard, a cushioned mousepad for wrist support​, a good quality noise-cancelling headset to block out distracting sounds, a document holder to keep loose papers organised and good quality drawing tools, which all designers know can make all the difference.