Amazon Packaging Design

The Importance of Packaging on Amazon

Picture this, you created your product, made your vision come to life, and have finished the final stages of product development. You want to sell on Amazon but have no clue where to go with packaging or which route to take. You might wonder, how do I get started with this while setting myself apart from my competition. Your product packaging will set you apart and get you noticed by Amazon shoppers, but it is up to you to make this happen.

During this time, I’m sure we have all become avid amazon shoppers, with items arriving at our door in a matter of days. Think to yourself, what makes you choose one particular item over another, its packaging. You need to make your item stand out from your competitors and make your packing more memorable and impactful. The packaging of your product is one of the most important aspects of your brand identity. Appearance and aesthetics are greatly important, especially on Amazon as there are tons and tons of options. Amazon product packaging can either make or break your product, and it is vital that all components seen on the website convince the buyer that your product is the best option. First impressions are everything, and at first glance your customer should be sold that your product is the one.

Packaging for Amazon and Vital Components

According to digital commerce 360, about 53% of e-commerce traffic comes from mobile devices. These consumers coming from a mobile device want to see a simple and clean design that looks nice from their browsing perspective. This is something super important to keep in mind, as you cannot create images of your packaging that will only look good from a desktop perspective.

When packaging for Amazon, you must comply with all their requirements, and brainstorm specifically what type of packaging will get the most buzz for your product. Firstly, your product photos on the Amazon website must have a white background. You might choose to go with bright colors that will pop on this white background. Secondly, you must comply with Amazon’s terms of service and their packaging standards, (i.e – have a scannable label for fulfillment purposes). Thirdly, your product must have instructions, warranty information, a brief thank you to your customers, etc. A great portion of your brand identity is reflected by the packaging your product offers, and in order to bring in sales, it must be strong.

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