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CNC Service

At Spark we have been offering a variety of prototyping services for years but now are throwing CNC machining into the mix. If you are currently working on a prototype, small or large and need CNC machined parts, we got what you want.

CNC Machining Parts

Materials for your CNC Machining Parts

Whether it’s the entire prototype or just a single part we can build anything with a plethora of materials.

We have access to a wide range of metals like Zinc, Copper, Aluminum, Stainless steel or Brass and a variety of plastics such as ABS, Acrylic and Polycarbonates. An extensive line up of finishes can be applied to your CNC machined parts once they are complete. You can select the ideal finish based on the part’s application and not to mention we can paint, print, polish, sandblast, anodize, plate or etch as well.

CNC Machining for Prototypes

Applications for CNC Machining

You can CNC almost any material and is a perfect solution for most rapid tooling applications, helping you to create fixtures and moulds on top of parts.

Ideal for Rapid Prototyping because cost per unit can be relatively low and quick depending on order quantity. We can effectively and accurately machine custom parts and enclosures, typically with no minimum order number. 

High-quality finishes, vast material options and precise tolerances have made CNC a favorable technology for end-use parts.

Using the latest CNC machines, we can produce highly accurate parts or prototypes in a timely fashion.

CNC Machining Service | Product Development

CNC to Create Your Prototype

Our one-stop prototyping services assists designers, inventors and companies in validating their concept and turning their ideas into a final products ready for market. We understand the value of accurate and timely prototyping. With high-precision tolerances CNC machines at our disposal we acapable of producing your next prototype, no matter where you are in the product development journey.

Prototyping has always played a major role in evaluating and visualizing the original design concept. Give us a call to quote your high-quality custom CNC machined parts.