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Cool ideas & how they happened

This compact and sturdy garlic press is a multi-tasking powerhouse. It features two high quality stainless steel blades, one for mincing and the other for slicing. The ergonomic lid contains a cleaning grid and the bottom storage lid houses a silicone garlic peeler. The central compartment is perfect for storing unused minced garlic for future uses: perfect for anybody who loves to cook with garlic but doesn’t enjoy the smell on their fingers for the preparation.

Cool ideas & how they happened | Product Design Sketches
Cool ideas & how they happened | Product Design Renderings
Cool ideas & how they happened | Product Design Engineering
Cool ideas & how they happened | Product Design Final Product
Cool ideas & how they happened | Product Design Packaging

Garlic-A-Peel  product development cycle

The Idea: To redesign the garlic press with more added value and a sleeker design.

The Concept: Adding a garlic peeler into a removable base and incorporating a storage compartment for the pressed garlic. The shape of the design was decided during the ideation phase, the client wanted the shape to be unique, classy and approachable.

The Process:

  • 3D computer assisted design (CAD) model and 3D print were created to validate the concept fit and function
  • The initial model was adjusted based on the prototype validation
  • Tooling was made for delivery of the first samples
  • Based on initial production samples tooling changes were required to tighten some of the tolerances on the parts for a tighter fit
  • Once the form and function were finalized the colour scheme, packaging and graphics were developed to match the marketing strategy

The outcome

The product was launched in March 2017 and is currently selling 6000 units per month.

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