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Do you really need industrial designers in your product development process?

The magic question! When inventors are going through the product development process, they often seek ways to cut costs. Some inventors question if a patent is needed or whether they can file on their own. Others attempt to build their own prototypes. Some try their hand at sketching to come up with their initial concepts. Although it is possible for inventors to do all of these things, it is worth asking how well can they be done by a non-professional.

Industrial Designer's Initial Sketches

Industrial designers are a rare breed in the product development process. Their role is to establish the design language of a product. They are vital to the process because they have insight into market trends and consumer preferences. Industrial designers start at the very beginning, during the research phase of your idea. They can find information that can lead to significant changes and improvements in your idea. With your help, they can establish a demographic and target audience. From there, your product slowly comes to life.

Industrial Designer | Design language of a product
Industrial Designer | Design language of a product

Without the essential help of an industrial designer, you may start on the wrong foot. And missteps can prove costly.  If your product idea or new invention doesn’t have the right foundation, any issues or errors will carry over into other areas of development, like manufacturing, with potentially devastating consequences.

Industrial designers not only develop your concepts, but also work on your idea with manufacturing in mind. They work alongside mechanical engineers to make your invention work seamlessly. In some cases, they can also do your technical drawings.

Industrial designers are like the jack of all trades in the product design world. They apply their knowledge to products that will be manufactured and mass produced. They are also problem solvers, creating and executing design solutions for issues with form, function, usability, physical ergonomics, marketing, brand development, and sales.

Industrial Designer's exploded view of a concept

What do industrial designers know that others don’t?

Industrial design (ID) professionals have a high degree of technical knowledge combined with creative ability and a hands-on approach. They have a visual awareness that allows them to think three dimensionally, which is crucial for product design. They have commercial awareness, which allows them to evaluate the marketability and profitability of your product. They have 3D conceptual ability (CAD) and computer knowledge, which allow them to express their thoughts in a program and convey them to you. And finally, they have an understanding of industrial processes, techniques, and manufacturing.

Industrial Designer's Product rendering

If you are questioning the need for an ID professional in your product development process, consider the range of work they do. They may even be all you need.  Industrial designers uncover the essence of your product. Or, as we like to say, they create the soul of your design.

If you are looking for industrial design help, just give us a call!

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