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I have an invention. Where do I start?

I have an invention. Where do I start?


You have an invention, but you don’t know where to start when it comes to developing your idea and transforming it into a saleable product. Does this sound like you? If so, you are in the right place. Our professionals have helped thousands of inventors and start-up businesses get on track so their ideas become a reality.
We have designed a roadmap that shows you where you can begin and how you can succeed. You can start by figuring out where you are in the product development process. And wherever that may be, we can help you. We can step in at any stage, from initial steps to final product.

Find out where to start when you have a new invention

The Invention: Make sure you understand the purpose of your invention. Is this something you have invented for yourself? Or is this an invention that will solve a problem or meet a need that people may have?

Patent: If your invention complies with patent guidelines and is patentable, it is extremely important that you do a proper patent search. You need to compare your invention with any other similar item already patented so you can work around it. Make sure your invention is not already out there. Take time to find out now before you spend more money on something that has already been done.

Market Research: Check out any similar products that exist. What features do they have in common with your invention? Take advantage of the information out there. Look for it and use it!
Industrial Design: Industrial designers will help your invention take form. Based on your target market, they will insure your invention has the right colours, texture, and feel. They will create a functioning prototype to check that the size and ergonomics are correct. Be smart with your  marketing strategy.

Mechanical Engineering: Once the form of your invention is ready, a mechanical engineer will define the details of each part and ensure it can be manufactured. An expert team of product designers must complete your idea, by factoring in how to design for large volumes, with materials and tooling in mind from start to finish.

Production: This is a very important step. Just because an engineer gave you the CAD files doesn’t mean your product is ready to go. You should request initial production parts so the engineers and designers can ensure that the moulds have been done properly. Keep in mind that there can be a back-and-forth until the parts are perfect and the final production parts are ready.

Promoting Your Product: Once the invention in your mind is a product being mass produced, there is still work to be done. Packaging is very important for getting people to notice your product, but the requirements vary, depending on whether you are going to sell to a private label, a retail store, or sell the product yourself. It is best to save this step for last. On the other hand, marketing is something you must be thinking about from the beginning. In today’s world, getting attention for a new product is a challenge. A marketing plan has to be in place. Every business is very specific and caters to different sectors, so a wide-ranging marketing strategy is important.

Steps to developing your new invention
To get your idea up and running, contact us for a free consultation. We will ensure that your product idea can be translated into feasible solutions, and we will show you how.