Medical Device Design Toronto

If you have a medical device design and you are looking for a company to help you with product design development, look no further than Spark Innovations. We have experience and expertise in developing new medical devices, as the examples below show.
We provided the mechanical engineering and industrial design for the Medical Sheath Handle which provides flawless manoeuvrability, allowing physicians to focus more on the procedure they are performing and enhancing procedural workflow. The ergonomic handle allows for single-handed operations.

Medical Device design, Medical innovation, Medical Sheath handle, product development

This medical device designed by Spark Innovations provides flawless manoeuvrability

Another medical device design we are proud of is this Ventilation Mask. The Ambu-Mask is a revolutionary new ventilation mask designed to enhance ease-of-use in emergency situations. The re-styled ergonomics take into account human interaction with the use of the mask. The hand can be held far more comfortably off to the side, allowing paramedics to view patients more clearly during emergency procedures.

New ventilation mask, design, emergency Mask

A revolutionary new ventilation mask design to enhance the ease of use in emergency situations

Medical device design takes time, research, and a lot of communication with our clients to complete. A good example of this was the project GEMS, a medical device used in the rehabilitation of people recovering from strokes. Spark Innovations did all of the mechanical engineering for this medical device.

GEMS Medical Device, Device for rehabilitation

Medical device used for the rehabilitation of people suffering from the aftermath of a stroke.

The Q-Wave Pulse is another medical device design that we developed. Our client had all the research, experience, and background working with the technology behind this small device. Our job was to help him put it all together, from the mechanical engineering to the electronics and industrial design. The Q-Wave Pulse is a revolutionary product for healing and assisting people with daily severe and mild chronic pain, arthritis, and injuries to joints and muscle tissue. The product is called the Q-Wave Pulse TM. It uses micro Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF) in sound waves, set to a pulse rhythm, that penetrate muscles, tissue, scars, and damaged areas of the body to help promote healing through increased blood flow and the repair of damaged cells and tissues.

Medical Device, Healing Device, Design Development, Q-wave pulse

Medical Device for healing and assisting people with Daily Severe and Mild Chronic Pain, Arthritis and injuries to joints and muscle tissue.

One of the medical device designs we are currently working on is BCL Head Protection. Many children with disabilities are required to wear helmets for their own protection, due to poor balance and coordination, high risks of falling, and coping behaviours known as “head banging.” Onlookers will often stare excessively with curiosity, judgement, and questions. Parents and caregivers will often offer a simple explanation, like “Johnny has epilepsy,” to avoid further discomfort. For both children and adults alike, persuading the person to wear the protective head gear can be a daily struggle; children may feel embarrassed or believe they look like an astronaut with some of the bulky designs currently available on the market. The BCL is a revolutionary head guard with a sleek minimalist design but maximum impact protection. The BCL provides safety without sacrificing any normal functionality or comfort for the person wearing it.

BCL Medical, Head Protection, BCL

BCL Medical -Head Protection for People with Disabilities.

Medical Device Design Help!

The list above represents just a few of the medical device designs we have developed at Spark Innovations. If you have a great idea for a medical device design, contact us today and we can help! Whether you are in the idea phase, with a concept based on experiences you have had, or you are already working on a functioning prototype and need to patent that idea, we have the expertise you need.
Here is a link to more medical devices designed and developed by Spark Innovations.