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PaperNuts Launches Design Partnership With Spark Innovations for New Retail Unit Development

PaperNuts are a cost-effective green alternative to competitive fillers, made from 100% recycled paper that was destined for landfill, and are both biodegradable and fully recyclable after use. PaperNuts also provide superior product protection, are clean and easy to handle, non-polluting, and low in particulates. The “PaperNuts Converter” machine used to create PaperNuts requires only 10 sq. ft. of floor space to operate and gives small, medium, and large scale businesses the capability to produce on-demand on-site packaging that reduces the shipping and storage costs associated with competitive products. Axiom Corp. announced that PaperNuts has partnered with Spark Innovations, a leading Canadian industrial design company, for the completion of design and prototype development of the Company’s first ever retail scale units.
Tyler Pearson, CEO of PaperNuts, commented, “Joining forces with Spark Innovations as a design and engineering partner brings a tremendous amount of value and in house capability to our organization that should allow us to drastically increase our speed to market for the new retail scale PaperNuts machines that we have planned for release later this year.”

Spark Innovations will design new PaperNuts Retail Units

Spark Innovations will design new PaperNuts Retail Units

The retail ready PaperNuts Converter machines will be smaller, quieter, and lighter than current industrial scale machines and will enable select retail channel partners to manufacturer PaperNuts on-site on-demand at the retail store level. This will allow consumers direct access to PaperNuts products at their favorite local shipping and supply stores while freeing valuable shelf space at retailers that can be reallocated to selling other products.

Bob Dickie, President of Spark Innovations, commented, “We look forward to working with the Axiom PaperNuts team and utilizing our specialized design and engineering talents to build their concepts for a smaller, quieter, and lighter retail version of their technology into a fully functional prototype ready for mass production.”
Pearson concluded, “Based on our current rapid design and production schedule, we expect to have the new retail PaperNuts machines installed in stores during the fourth quarter of this year.”

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PaperNuts announces Design Partership with Spark Innovations